Ticker: HYDT

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Chain: BNB chain (BEP20)

HYDT (High Yield dollar stable token) is BSC based soft-peg stable coin, aiming at high return for HYDT holders and keeping 1:1 peg against United States dollars at the same time.

There is no supply limit, and token supply is controlled automatically by mint/redeem smart contract.

To obtain HYDT, users can use any trading pairs in pancake swap to buy HYDT or use Initial mint .

Check this document to understand how HYDT is pegged to USD.

There is 10,000 initial allocation for team to test features and making initial trading pairs on pancakeswap before launch, and during the Mint HYDT feature is available, everyone can mint HYDT at 1 dollar per 1HYDT rate, capped at 700k dollars per day, and capped at 30 Million HYDT all time.

HYDT is listed on Dex-trade.com exchange

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