HYDT Protocol Overview

What is HYDT Protocol?

HYDT Protocol is a BNB chain-based stable coin Staking project that aims to provide high returns for HYDT (High Yield Dollar Stable Token) holders while maintaining a 1:1 peg against the US dollar.

The protocol has launched initially on Oct 9 2023, users are able to mint HYDT stablecoin and make staking/providing liquidity on PSC.

From Nov 9 2023, governance token farming has activated and user is getting boosted APY.

HYDT Protocol is audited by Cyberscope.

These are the key unique features of HYDT protocol:

  1. Fully decentralized and automated mint/redeem process in case of a depegging event

  2. Fully transparent collateral held in BNB

  3. Flexible and durable soft peg mechanism

  4. Up to 30% APY fixed return on stablecoin Staking, plus additional governance token farming reward

  5. Resistance to bank run events

High Yield Dollar Protocol has 2 tokens, HYDT and HYGT.

HYDT : HYDT is protocol's stablecoin, and it can be staked for up to 30% base APY in protocol's Stake HYDT feature. HYDT is minted/redeemed automatically by the contract to keep the price close to 1 USD per HYDT.

HYGT : HYGT is protocol's governance token, will be used for voting and token buy-back from protocol revenue in the future. Also reward for farming in Stake HYDT and Farm feature will be paid in HYGT.

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